Adventure for 3

I know I’m backlogged on a thousand and one photos, but I recently went on a fantastic trip to San Diego over the weekend. It’s easy to underestimate SD and see it as a sleepy, middle-of-nowhere surf city… which it sort of is, but there’s so much to take in, from the food to the beaches, which lends itself to a vibe that’s active in a somehow laid-back manner. It’s hard to describe, but it’s possible.

I went on this trip with two friends, E & S, and I’d initially been a bit nervous, since incompatible travel dynamics can ruin friendships and whatnot. Not many people can put up with my tired, grumpy side, and travelling with three people can be difficult for any number of reasons… but these girls stuck with me and made this trip so, so memorable. I’m not great with words, so here’s a shout out in a few words and photos that I think capture us:


Turning around and E & S are cracking up at something I missed, part 1/infinity.


“Go away.”


Reminder to self: shower E with plants when she moves into her first post-college place.


serIOUSLY ? !!


Don’t ask us what we were doing.


Watching S fawn over ducks while E tells a story about a sea lion dragging a girl into the water by her dress.


Hi S.


People-watching: Prom Edition! That one blue dress though ugh pls.




Here’s to running down streets while singing “Irreplaceable”, climbing sandy cliffs in shoes that have no traction, and watching a San Diego sunset with the perfect company.

More SD to follow!

… eventually …