Strolling Through

Some updates since I’ve last posted:

  • Your girl has figured out that resizing photos helps with WordPress storage percentage which was ticking up a bit too quickly for her taste. It’s a bit tedious, but what can you do.
  • I’ve decided that the best way for me to develop my tastes for blogging is to just blog. I’ll figure it out as I go; otherwise I’ll never blog as much as I’d like. True, it might irk my tendency to want everything to be consistent, but I’ll live.
  • Just realized that within two weeks, I’ll be spending about a month jumping around cities for both work and funsies. As a result, these updates will be coming out faster and with fewer comments… so probably a good thing for NE readers (“non-existent” or short for “any”? Take your pick… :P).
  • Disclaimer: If you’re easily put off by strange captions accompanying picturesque scenery, ignore what I’ve written and just scroll through the pretty sights. Even I find my internal commentary a bit jarring at times, and I wrote it…

Onto the good stuff!

After the tour I posted about over 3 months ago, I rented a bike using Bycyklen. It was a bit unruly getting around with a cruiser (I hate cruisers.), but I managed. First stop was a cathedral near Kastellet, a star-shaped fortress built in the mid-1600s.

IMG_9295 (2)

IMG_9296 (2)

Imagine this as your casual morning jog… I’d see more green in 10 minutes than I usually do in a week.

IMG_9301 (2) - Copy

IMG_9302 (2) - Copy

I’m not a huge history buff, but one of the cool parts about this fortress is its star-shape (unsurprisingly), since it allowed cannons to hit targets from virtually any angle.

IMG_9304 (2) - Copy

IMG_9307 (2) - Copy

These rows of orange housing were a bit of a bike ride away from the fortress. At first I thought these were lower-income housing since they were just *there*, but as it turns out, they’re old soldier barracks also referred to as “The Rows”.

IMG_9312 (2) - Copy

Water water

IMG_9317 (2) - Copy

Woot woot!

IMG_9319 (2) - Copy

Not sure if this is architectural genius or blasphemy… BUT I LIKE IT.

IMG_9320 (2) - Copy

While crossing the pedestrian-bike bridge (it meets!), I saw this cyclist approaching, snorted internally, and resisted the urge to accidentally knock him over the edge. Good job, Me; reach for your camera and snap a couple shots of this guy instead.

To this wonderful cyclist: Thank you, kind sir, for reminding us that idiots span from sea to bloodyeffing sea.

IMG_9321 (2) - Copy

Disclaimer x/195830285: More so than cliche alleyway pictures, you’re gonna be seeing a ton of water-related pictures (if you hadn’t guessed yet). I’m a fan of lakes, beaches, puddles, and pools; the list can and does go on. Don’t underestimate me.

(Although I will say I’m neutral with fountains – it depends on how sustainable they are.)

IMG_9325 (2) - Copy

Standing by my first post on Copenhagen – love love love how there seems to be so many places people can gather and hang out at for no reason and without having to buy anything. This is how you foster conversation without exclusion by economic class…

IMG_9332 (2) - Copy

I had a kinda-love, kinda-hate impression while walking around Copenhagen Street Food, a warehouse-like food court with stalls serving food from around the globe. On one hand, it’s always nice seeing different cultures represented when there’s only minorities present in the population. On the other… $15 for a small bowl of bibimbap??????

IMG_9333 (2) - Copy

Settled for a Turkish sandwich and reading Secret Life of Bees, accompanied by smoke and the sound of chatting and all the sensations of being surrounded by the open sea.

IMG_9343 (2) - Copy

A (local?) Japanese artist set up an exhibition where people could write down their wishes and tie them to trees set up near the entrance of the food hall.

IMG_9348 - Copy

IMG_9349 - Copy

I warned you about the water pictures.

Fourth and possibly last installment of Copenhagen coming soon!


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