Search for a Quiet Day

This week has been more tiring than usual, mostly because of small negatives and scenarios I’m sure I’m blowing up in my head. Exam tomorrow doesn’t help, either. Earlier this week, I took a couple hours to sit in an oversized chair and edit photos, reserving my mind with contemplate contemplation of quieter, meditative days.

Here are some photos from the morning in Copenhagen before I left for the Netherlands.


Had brunch and read The Secret Life of Bees in this Danish cafe, renovated from its old days as a pharmacy. I’ll tell you, having brunch on a sunny weekday morning while reading at leisure is its own type of bliss.


Curious parking method… wonder how this works.


The AirBnb I stayed at, ft. a puppers and fantastic wall art.




Nothing fancy. Just a morning walk, brunch, and reading to the side of a playground. A few interjections of the sound of children playing, a dog announcing its presence here or there, mostly quiet. A bit of panic when I realized I was running later than my overly-punctual travel clock would prefer, but all was well when I got to the airport and saw a 4-minute wait time for security. Bless the Danish public transportation system, really.

That’s all for now, but I’ve edited a few more photos from Copenhagen and can hopefully ramp up blogging again when I’m less anxious about this exam. I’m also thinking about having my posts timed more consistently and in more bite-sized chunks. That last Copenhagen post was a bit much, even for myself.

Until next time, nonexistent readers!


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